Lois Kean
Lois has an undergraduate and graduate degree in Education from Mississippi State University.  She is originally from Alabama and has also lived in Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, Georgia and Virginia.  Several years ago she returned to Alabama and lives in the Birmingham area.

Over the years Lois has painted, quilted, and crocheted, but her love of the beach and shells has always been on her mind.  She never missed the opportunity to collect shells going back to the early 70s on Sanibel Island.

By hook or crook she saved shells for over 40 years, collecting new ones as late as 2013 at Perdido Key, Florida.  She decided to put these shells to a better use than having them sit around the house. 

From that desire, and after a lot of research, she began to make beautiful things with her shells.  We hope you have enjoyed, or will enjoy, looking at some of her creations on this site.


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